Check out these top tips from Y6 to help keep you safe online!

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F1 Maths – Race 1

Wow! What a fantastic first race of the school year!

Not only did 3 teams finish ahead of Mr. Hurdman, they also finished ahead of ‘The Stig’!

Check out the class championship when it goes up on the display after lunch tomorrow.

Mr. Hurdman (who is now rather grumpy)

Team Captains and School Councillors

The votes are in and have been counted (and recounted – it was very close!)

The Y6 School Councillors have already been announced – congratulations to HM and LC!

The Team Captains this year are as follows:

Blue: TC, EW

Green: JJ, AG

Yellow: AK, JF

Red: SF, EM

All the votes for the girls were recounted TWICE as the results were so close. Everyone received more than one vote too. This means that someone other than yourself voted for you!

We have the JRSO vote to fit in tomorrow. PCSO Jayne will be dealing with the Junior Police Cadet role when she visits us in the near future.

Mr. Hurdman

F1 Maths 2014/2015



The 2014/2015 season got off to a superb start courtesy of last year’s Y6 class achieving a superb 2nd place finish in the ‘Summer Madness’ KS2 v KS3 v KS4 race. What can the current bunch of racers achieve? It won’t be long until we find out – just under 52 days in fact!

This year’s Y6 class have increased competition for the class championship. Not only do they face the prospect of a fired-up Mr. Hurdman, determined to regain his title, but they will also be battling against a mystery driver.

Some say he has previous experience of competing in the National Final and, that if you dim the lights and squint a little, he starts to resemble a much younger version of one of the teachers at Burgh School. All we know is he’s called The Stig!





Sumdog 2014/2015

Everyone in Y6 this year is now set up on ‘Sumdog’. This is a great free, safe website which enables users to practise their mental mathematics skills. The site is ‘adaptive’ which means that the questions should eventually get a little trickier the more you get right. It can also be tailored to remove some of the trickier or more straightforward questions too. Even if some questions are straightforward though, the focus is on speed and accuracy as users compete against other users from around the world!

Logins should be given out on Monday which enable users to access the free content from home and in school.

Last year’s Y6 were very keen (and mathematically superb) users of the site. Indeed in both the Spring and Summer contests they were crowned daily winners, Jack H. was a Spring top ten student (out of the participating Lincolnshire schools) whilst Henry S. was a Summer top ten student!

More details will follow on Monday!


Mr. Hurdman

WISE KIDS Online Safety Tips for Children and Young People

The following article from www.wisekids.org.uk really sums up what we’ve been learning about this week!

  • The Internet is a real community of people who are connected by computers, so treat people that you don’t know on the Internet as strangers that you might meet in a street.
  • Do not give out any personal information related to your family, friends or yourself likefull names, addresses, telephone or mobile numbers or those of your parents. Other information like the name and location of your school or details of school activities can also identify you to others, whether you are in a chat room, message board or newsgroup. Sometimes there are people who watch out for such information, and they can put together a picture of your activities over a period of time that could be several weeks. So be careful with what you say, and never give out your personal details.
  • Be aware when choosing your chat username or email username not to pick a provocative name as you would be more likely to be sent provocative emails or harassed online.
  • Never agree to meet someone whom you’ve met through the Internet, in real life without your parent’s permission, and if they agree, never go alone, but go with a trusted adult.
  • Use your common sense. Someone you are chatting to may not be who they say they are.
  • Do not fill out forms online without consulting your parents or teachers. There are websites which seek personal information and which use this information for marketing or other commercial purposes. Always check a website’s privacy statement. Click here to see the WISE KIDS privacy statement. This describes what a website will do with your information.
  • Do not open an email from someone you do not know as you may download viruses (which even come from people you do know), or it may have contents that can upset you.
  • Many chain emails or emails with virus warnings are hoaxes. Before you forward virus warnings to your friends and family, check that it is not a hoax.
  • Never send pictures of yourself or any other personal material to a friend you met online without consulting your parents first.
  • Observe good net etiquette. See the WISE KIDS Guide to Net Etiquette.
  • Always tell your parents/teachers if you come across stuff on the Internet which makes you feel uncomfortable, or if someone on the Internet harasses you or threatens you.
  • Never respond to provocative, rude, obscene or threatening messages (whether in chat, newsgroups or message boards) which make you feel uncomfortable. Tell your parents or teachers about such messages and where possible, save a copy of the message so that your parents or teachers can forward it to your Internet Service Provider, or use it to make a police report.
  • Always assess the information you read on websites. Because its on the Internet does not mean that its always truthful information, especially when it comes to health issues, or when you are doing research for homework. Check that the website you are getting your information from is a reliable and reputable one, not one built on hearsay. Click here to find out how to assess emails or website content.
  • When subscribing to public newsletters or programs like media plugins or downloads that require you to give out an email address, use a separate email address from your personal one. This will lessen the number of unwanted emails that you receive.
  • Be responsible and ethical when using the Internet whether at home or in a public online centre or cyber café, for e.g. not plagiarising information from the Net, using the computer equipment responsibly, not causing harm to others through your online activities.

Welcome to Y6 2014/2015

A very warm welcome to the Y6 class of 2014/2015! The first two days have been very busy, starting as we mean to go on!

What have we been doing? Well for starters there have been lots of little routines to get used to. These will ensure that we can squeeze in as much learning as possible over the final 6 terms of Primary education. We have established AV techs for worship, laptop and headphone monitors and DSi monitors. There has already been lots of learning taking place too, particularly regarding Computing and e-Safety. All children have a new reading book and some small group reading work has already begun. Indeed, over the course of the week almost all the children in the class will take part in English or Mathematics (or both!) small group work with a range of adults! Mrs. Arnold’s SPaG/GaPS/PaGS (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons will begin next Thursday morning too.

Next week sees the introduction of our ‘normal’ weekly timetable, with this term’s topics including:

Science: Electricity

History: The Maya Empire (a brand new topic for our school)

PE: Swimming (Wednesday morning) and Hockey (Friday morning)

Art: Sculpture (focus Henry Moore)

Although World War II is no longer a Primary History topic, we’ll still be using it as the basis for our ‘Recount’ English topic, again starting on Monday! Mathematics work will, of course, feature ‘F1 Maths’ very soon. However, lots of Mathematics work in Term 1 concerns embedding key Y6 (and beyond) concepts to allow more complex problems to be solved as the year progresses.

More details will follow next week, when we’ll also be electing Team Captains and hopefully getting set up on the rather fun ‘Sumdog’ website!

Busy, busy, busy!

Mr. Hurdman


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