WW2 po-up museum in the Hildreds

As mentioned today, why not check out the temporary museum in the Hildreds shopping centre in Skegness. It’s open until 26th July.


Private Peaceful

Sadly time got the better of us at the end of term and our group of 13 children only managed to get listen to the first 6 chapters. However, I’ve made them available here for you to listen to/download. As usual, left-clicking should play them whilst right clicking generally gives you options to downloads. Tablets and phones may behave differently.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Chapter 10

Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Friday 18th July – Last reminders

clip_image002The last reminders (hopefully):

We’ve nearly made it. Here are the last few bits and pieces you need to remember.

Friday 18th: Bottons. Meet at 4:45pm in the Embassy Car Park behind the swimming pool. The children will be there ready for collection afterwards at 8pm. You should have given us contact details in case of emergency!

No phones, no money, no uniform!

PE: 3 children did not have PE kit when it was needed on Thursday 17th. This was disappointing as the Burgh school rules are that kit should be in every day. However, there will not be any more PE this term so DO NOT bring your kit next week.

Reading books: These need handing in on Monday 21st (unless you’ve already done this).

Trays and Books: Trays need emptying on Monday 21st and old books need to be taken home on this day too. We don’t have time on Tuesday or Wednesday to be doing this.

PGL/Goldilocks: DVDs and photo CDs will be given out next week.

Monday 21st: Normal(ish) day! We’ll spend some time thinking about the Leavers’ Service and Leavers’ Assembly now everyone is actually back in school following the very disruptive induction period. Please don’t expect all singing-all dancing events. Too many children have been out of school to put together one of these! Both events will be a chance to remember the children’s time at Burgh school and celebrate some of the things they have done.

Tuesday 22nd: Leavers’ Service in church in the morning (9:30am)

Wednesday 23rd: Leavers’ Assembly in school in the afternoon (2pm)

T-shirt/Jumper signing: This can be done on the Wednesday. If you intend to get a jumper or t-shirt/shirt signed please bring in your own pen (you’ll need to look after it). Also, the jumper/t-shirt/shirt being signed must not be the one you are wearing!

Reports: There are still some report acknowledgement slips outstanding. Please could these be returned.

Don’t forget to visit burghy6.wordpress.com to watch the two amazing films the children have produced. You can also find their eJay music work and their simple 2diy computer games.

Mr. Hurdman

eJay 2014 – CD 2

Here are the second batch of eJay tunes. They are a result of some intense work with those children not attending multiple induction days. Most of these tunes are the second ones created by the children, this time completely independently. Oh, in case you can’t get enough of it, Mr. Hurdman’s ‘benchmark’ tune is here again so you can see how the children’s compare! As before, right clicking should give you the option to save it as an mp3, whilst left clicking will usually play the tune.

Close 2 Me – EC

Don’t Follow Me – EC

I Believe On – OC

I wish – JD

Maybe I’m A Fool – TW

No More Tears – AD

The Name of the Event – DH

Thursday’s tunes will follow as soon as possible!

Mr. Hurdman

F1 Maths – 2nd in the ‘Summer Madness’ race!

Wow! A brilliant end to the F1 Maths National season! Everyone who has been involved in the F1 project this year should be really proud of our achievements. image

eJay 2014 – CD1!

Here are the first 12 eJay tunes from this year’s mini-project. These are mainly from the first guided attempt. If your tune isn’t there yet it either wasn’t named correctly, wasn’t finished, I couldn’t find it or I simply haven’t got round to your song yet!

Left-clicking the tune should play it. Right-clicking should give you the option to download the mp3 file.

19 EC

Beast TH

Boss Song JH

Burning On Me AD

Don’t Let the Rain Fall HS

Love HW

Maybe OC

No More MS

No More Tears JD

One Party JS

Sensitive MP

The Name of the Event DH

F1 Maths in Motion – ‘Summer Madness’ update

image After 8 (yes, eight) closely fought qualifying races, we finally arrived at the ‘perfect car’ to enter in the ‘Summer Madness Race’. The car was initially engineered by HS whilst HW derived the optimal strategy. JS once again used his blistering pace to inspire everyone to push to the limit and it was MS who eventually found those limits. Therefore these four names will be on the entry for Monday’s race. The other two members of the National Final team were also right up there throughout the whole process. JH was only hundredths of a second slower than HS setting up the optimal car and then only a couple of seconds behind HW in the race for the optimal strategy. TW also came very close to creating the fastest car to enter. The entire process involved the whole class in one way or another, making it a true team effort. GOOD LUCK racing against the top teams from KS2, KS3 and KS4!


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